The homestead was recorded on May 25, 1887 with the United States as "Grantor "and Jeremiah O'Connell as "Grantee".  Paperwork was filed June 3, 1887.

Jeremiah passed away on March 17, 1891.  A synopsis of his will filed in Greeley County County Court describes Jeremiah O'Connell's family ...

" ... he left him a surviving a widow Ellen O'Connell, a daughter Mrs. Julia Kratz, aged 35 years, a son Cornelius O'Connell aged 30 years, and a son John O'Connell, petitioner, aged 25 years ..."

The will ".. give and bequeath to my beloved son John O'Connell my home place" provided that he not mortgage the farm during the lifetime of his wife Ellen O'Connell ..."  John O'Connell was required to pay his mother $200 per year during her lifetime.  Ellen O'Connell passed away in December 1892.

The property was sold by John O'Connell and his wife Kate to John Gibbons on Feb 24, 1910.

The quarter section was purchased by Nicholas C. Maginn on August 8, 1919 from "John Gibbons and Margaret Gibbons Husband and Wife" and the Maginn family has owned and operated the farm for the past century.

Nicholas C. Maginn was the son of William Maginn and Rose Maginn who arrived and homesteaded in Greeley County on March 1878 with brothers James and John, sisters, Mary, Kate, and Rose.  The original Maginn homestead is in the O'Connor Precinct a few miles away.